Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Clay County Wants Cumberland River Hospital Open

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the local government and community both want the Cumberland River Hospital to remain open. But, Reagan said the county can not directly help the facility financially. “Nobody is working against the hospital,” Reagan said. “And, I know that you hear speculations all the time, but everybody has been so supportive of it (Cumberland River ... Read More »

Clay County Passes Budget

The Clay County Commission unanimously passed its budget with no tax increases Monday night. The budget includes $5.1 million dollars in general expenditures and $11.5 million in the school’s general fund. Mayor Dale Reagan said he feels the the new budget is a good one. “We were able to give the county employees a three percent increase,” Reagan said. “That ... Read More »

Clay County Approves To Submit Grant Application

The Clay County Commission voted unanimously to submit an application tourist enhancement grant for further courthouse improvements. The deadline to submit the TDOT tourist grant application is July 15. Mayor Dale Reagan said during the Monday meeting he believes it can be submitted in time. “Basically it’s a narrative, you gotta put a good narrative out there,” Reagan said. “We’re ... Read More »

Clay County Will Not Mandate Masks

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said he will encourage residents to wear masks, but he will not mandate it. “Well I think that we all have rights to freedom to make decisions,” Reagan said. “I feel like our citizens out there will make good decisions.” Governor Lee’s executive order 54 gives county mayors the option to mandate masks. Reagan said ... Read More »

Clay County Approves Increased Commissioner Compensation

Clay County Commissioners approved a pay raise for themselves Monday night. Mayor Dale Reagan broke the tie and voted in favor of the raise. Compensation increased from $100 to $200 for commissioner meetings and from $50 to $100 for statutory meeting sessions. County Commissioner Michael Miller voted against the raise. He said commissioners don’t serve to make money, but to ... Read More »

Clay County Takes The Next Step In Jail Project

Clay County officials received a USDA loan for their $7.5 million jail project. Board members will arrange interim financing through a local bank over the next few weeks. County Mayor Dale Reagan said they’ve been talking about this project for over six years. “The design phase and stuff, it looks like it’s going to take about six months to do ... Read More »