Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Monterey Fire Chief To Inspect Ladder Truck For Purchase

Monterey has finally located a used ladder truck to purchase after searching for a couple of years. Mayor Nathan Walker said the town has received one bid from a Texas fire department that can move forward upon inspection. “Our fire chief should be going out to take a look at that and do his inspections hopefully very soon,” Walker said. ... Read More »

Monterey FD Has Found Options For A Ladder Truck

The Monterey Fire Department has found a few affordable ladder truck options, but the timing of purchase could be an issue. Chief Kevin Peters said he has found some early 2000 modeled ladder trucks that cost about $150,000. Peters said by the time the city budget process is complete, the options could already be purchased. “I’ve been looking for over ... Read More »

Monterey Fire Chief To Spearhead Ladder Truck Search

Monterey Fire Chief Kevin Peters will lead the search for a ladder truck replacement. Peters said a used ladder truck with safety features the department needs would cost around $150,000. “I am wanting a platform, so you can get up and see exactly what you are looking at down below,” Peters said. “That fire the other day we were having ... Read More »

Monterey Approves Exploring Ladder Truck Options

Monterey has started the search process to find a new ladder truck to purchase. During Monday’s Board of Alderman meeting, Alderman Nathan Walker gave Mayor JJ Reels and the fire department the go ahead to start searching for a vehicle. Right now, the plan of action is to sell the inoperable ladder truck and use the funds towards a new ... Read More »

Monterey Adding Ladder Truck Options To Monday’s Agenda

Monterey will address concerns of fire coverage in the city by exploring options to purchase a new ladder truck. Mayor JJ Reels said after Saturday’s Perdue Plant fire, it became evident the city needs to find the funding for the safety of the community. “We had a fire at one of our most important businesses in the city, if not ... Read More »

Crossville Fire Department’s Ladder Truck Paying Off

Crossville firefighters are fighting fires better with a ladder truck they’ve had for two years. The truck has a 107-foot ladder with a camera at the top, which allows a better aerial view of the fire. Deputy Fire Chief Chris South said this feature allows firefighters to remotely control the water nozzle. “It sets up and deploys much quicker,” South ... Read More »