Thursday, October 21, 2021
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COVID Cases At CRMC Decrease 50 Percent Over Last Several Weeks

COVID cases at Cookeville Regional have decreased by 50 percent over the last two and a half weeks. As of Tuesday, there are a total of 52 COVID hospitalizations with 7 patients in the ICU. That’s down from a high of 117 in early September. 38 of the 52 hospitalized patients are unvaccinated and 6 patients have an unknown vaccination ... Read More »

Majority Of COVID Hospitalizations At Livingston Regional Not Vaccinated

One hundred percent of hospitalized COVID patients this month at Livingston Regional have not been vaccinated. That is according to Physician Relations and Marketing Director David Cox. Cox said during that time, 31 percent of inpatient admissions have been COVID cases. “Currently, most of our patients that have been tested positive for COVID are in our ICU,” Cox said. “Currently, ... Read More »