Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Hormann Plant’s First Product Coming September

The White County Hormann Plant is in phase one of its operations. About 40 employees are working at the facility to build inventory up of two garage door products. President Camron Rudd said the two products should be available this September. “We have a sandwich product, which is an inch and a half EPS, steel front, steel back sandwich composite ... Read More »

Hormann Production Delayed

The beginning of production at the White County Hormann facility has been slowed by continued health concerns. Hormann President Cameron Rudd said the company was having trouble getting needed help from Europe getting new machines operational. “They have been installed, but getting it actually commissioned has been our issue,” Rudd said. “We have to get the installers from Italy. Until ... Read More »

Hormann To Begin Production In July

The White County Hormann facility is preparing to begin production in July. Cameron Rudd, President of Hormann, LLC, said production will begin in phases. “For the July 4 start, we look to be somewhere around, we currently have 16 people on staff, by that date, we’re looking to hire another 20 to 25,” Rudd said. “That should get our Phase ... Read More »