Monday, June 27, 2022
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Jamestown Approves Medical Emergency Helicopter Transport Membership

Jamestown city employees will have discounted access to helicopter transport during medical emergencies. A membership with the AirMedCare Network was approved by the board of aldermen on Monday night. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said the need was evident since the closure of the Jamestown hospital. “If you’re in a bad car wreck, it’s by ambulance. It would be by ... Read More »

Clay County Fair Kicks Off UC Fair Season June 1

The Upper Cumberland county fair season kicks off on June 1 in Clay County. Fair Board Member Haley Barnes said it was about time to be able to offer something fun to the whole community after 2020. Barnes said that whether someone is 8 or 80, there’s going to be something they will love. “Our carnival rides, my favorite is ... Read More »