Friday, January 21, 2022
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Cookeville Gas Highlighting Natural Gas Safety Tips

Cookeville’s Gas Department wants to highlight safety tips when it comes to natural gas. Compliance Superintendant Roger Phillips said that the notice sent out in utility bills this month is part of an ongoing public awareness program. Phillips said as people begin to turn their gas on for heat, it’s important to know warning signs of a gas leak. “Natural ... Read More »

Cookeville Considering Re-Marketing Portion Of New Gas Capacity

Cookeville City Council will consider re-marketing some of its newly acquired gas transportation capacity from the East Tennessee Pipeline. Gas Department Director Jeff Mills said that the city was lucky to gain access to the additional 3,000 dekatherms to accommodate the city’s growth. He said that because there is not an immediate need for the total capacity, they plan to ... Read More »

Speedway Gas Station Submits Two Zoning Appeals For S Jefferson Avenue Work

Speedway Corporation has submitted two variance appeals for their new 10-pump gas station and convenience store on South Jefferson Avenue. Cookeville Planning Director Jon Ward said the two appeals are to expand their access point on South Jefferson Avenue and to exceed parking lot grades. “It’s a redevelopment of several properties there,” Ward said. “I mean they’re putting together several, ... Read More »

Cookeville To Gain More Access To Gas Pipeline To Accommodate Growth

More demand for natural gas in a growing community led the Cookeville Gas Department explore additional gas transportation capacity. Director Jeff Mills said additional transportation capacity is not purchasing more gas or expanding pipelines, but allowing the city to access more of the pipeline itself. “That’s our greatest concern,” Mills said. “And has been for years is to just get ... Read More »

Cookeville Utility Policy Changes Take Effect

Cookeville is making changes to its services and costs for utility customers starting this week. Finance Director Brenda Imel said service fees on all utilities will increase from $10 to $20, the first time this has changed in over 20 years. Imel said the service fee increase was needed for what it costs to send workers out to customers. “The ... Read More »