Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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CRMC Seeing Lower Averages Of Flu And COVID Cases

Cookeville Regional Medical Center seeing low numbers of COVID and flu cases. CEO Paul Korth said they are still bracing for a possible increase as the winter season continues. “February is the busy time so we’re hoping for the best but preparing for more norms and increased volumes probably,” Korth said. Korth said despite concerns about an uptick in illness ... Read More »

Local Doctor Anticipates A Bad Flu Season This Winter

Upper Cumberland Medical Society President Dr. Brent Staton expects a bad flu season this winter. Staton said the region has already experienced a high number of cases of flu type B earlier this year. Staton said as the weather gets colder, he expects flu type A to make an appearance. Staton said the flu season usually follows a world trend. ... Read More »

Tennessee Among Highest Flu Rates In Nation

Tennessee is among some of the highest flu rates in the nation according to the CDC’s flu map. Cookeville Regional Medical Center Infection Prevention Manager Stephanie Etter said this year’s flu arrived sooner and more severe than in previous years. She said what sets the flu apart from the common cold is that it comes on unexpectedly. “It’s that sudden ... Read More »

CDC Predicting Larger Flu Season Than Recent Years

This year’s flu season expected to hit harder than years in recent years. That’s according to Cookeville Regional Medical Center Infection Prevention Manager Stephanie Etter. She said the Center for Disease Control is sensing a bigger trend in its early predictions. “They believe that’s probably due to people not masking as much,” Etter said. “And honestly flu comes in waves ... Read More »

It’s Flu Vaccine Time, Overton Health Department Outlines Importance

The time is now to get your flu shot. Overton County Health Department Nursing Supervisor Megan Reeder said the spread of influenza will soon increase. Reeder said as the weather gets colder, more people gather causing transmissions to rise. “We strongly recommend the flu vaccine to help prevent illness and the spread of influenza,” Reeder said. “So if someone is ... Read More »

Flu Cases Higher Than Last Year, Still Below Average

Flu case numbers are higher than last year but still lower than average. That’s according to Cookeville Regional Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Mark Pierce. He said that he attributes the higher number to people being less cautious than last year. “We saw hardly any flu last year, I think because people were a lot more diligent about masking, social distancing, ... Read More »