Friday, August 12, 2022
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Jamestown Approves Medical Emergency Helicopter Transport Membership

Jamestown city employees will have discounted access to helicopter transport during medical emergencies. A membership with the AirMedCare Network was approved by the board of aldermen on Monday night. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said the need was evident since the closure of the Jamestown hospital. “If you’re in a bad car wreck, it’s by ambulance. It would be by ... Read More »

Jamestown Budget Focusing On Infrastructure and Airport

Jamestown’s upcoming budget is a return to normalcy for the town’s operations going into the fiscal year. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said they are projecting an $8.26 million dollar budget, that is lower than last year’s that included a $6.2 million FAA grant towards the airport. Dishmon said this year will focus on infrastructure. “We budgeted $50,000 to start ... Read More »

Former Fentress County Deputy Indicted After Misuse Of County-Issued Card

The state comptrollers office wants Fentress County deputies to turn in receipts. That, after a former deputy allegedly more than $8,000 in personal gas charges. Director of Communications John Dunn said the investigation began last year after Fentress County officials reported questionable gas purchases. “Our investigators noted about $8,800 worth of inappropriate transactions,” Dunn said. “Money that was used to ... Read More »

Cumberland And Fentress Co. Submit Land Proposal To Recruit Development

The Crossville Chamber of Commerce and Fentress County are working with UCDD in a regional economic development partnership. Chamber President Ethan Hadley said the goal is to attract a business prospect to the Chamber’s Interchange Business Park and Fentress’s Clarkrange Business Park. “Every now and then, there are opportunities to work regionally, and those are great, because the Upper Cumberland ... Read More »

Fentress Projecting Revenue Drop From Loss Of TDOC Inmates

Fentress County is one of many counties projecting a revenue drop from losing state inmates at its jail. The county has housed as many as 45 state inmates, however County Executive Jimmy Johnson said they are currently at 26 inmates. Johnson said as court proceedings have opened up, the state is coming and picking up its inmates. “They weren’t getting ... Read More »

Fentress Budget Committee Looking To Solve EMS Retention

An increase of $33 for on-call EMS pay approved by the Fentress County Budget Committee on Thursday night. The on-call pay is currently $7, increasing to $40 on July 1 if approved in the final county budget. Commissioner Larry Cooper said an increase to just $30 might not work for current EMS employees. “I know that, that it doesn’t look ... Read More »

HWY 127 Corridor Widening From Crossville To Jamestown Starting

Work has started on improvements and widening of the Highway 127 corridor between Crossville and Jamestown. T-DOT Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said utility relocation has begun in Cumberland County to widen 4.9 miles from north of I-40 to Potato Farm Road for $62.9 million dollars. Flynn said there are seven individual widening projects included. “The need is very apparent in the ... Read More »

Fentress Proposing Bridge Name To Memorialize local WWII Veteran

Fentress County looks to honor a local World War II hero by requesting the state to name a bridge in his honor. This is the bridge located at the overpass of Highway 52 and Highway 127. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the bridge would be named the Sergeant Willie E. Crabtree Memorial Bridge after the Stockton community native. Johnson said ... Read More »

COVID, Administration Change Delays Jamestown Splash Pad Construction

The Jamestown splash pad project has been held up and construction will not begin until August. Chief Financial Officer Gail Dishmon said COVID supply chain delays were at the root of the setback. Dishmon said delays were also caused because of having to change names on the contracts when a new administration took over in Jamestown. “We actually signed the ... Read More »

Fentress Highway Department Opens Fuel Reserves For Emergency Services

Fentress County has taken extra precautions to ensure there is enough fuel for emergency services. Highway Superintendent Joey Reagan said he and EMA director James Bilbrey collaborated with TEMA out of concern there would be a shortage related to the Colonial Pipeline Shortage. “Since we’ve got a fuel reserve and got their pumps,” Reagan said. “We just wanted to make ... Read More »