Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Putnam County Schools Release Spring 2021-22 TCAP Results

Putnam County Schools TCAP data reflect gains in math scores, but still haven’t achieved pre-pandemic levels. Those scores grew from 30 percent to 33 percent over the last year. ESSER, Testing, and Data Supervisor Jason Stickler said after receiving the preliminary state data, most numbers look on par with their expectations. However, there is work to be done. “It is ... Read More »

Over 800 Putnam Students Will Graduate This Week

It is graduation week for the Putnam County School System. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said a total of 866 students are expected to graduate in four ceremonies. “We try to not have two graduations going on at the same time, and the schools do all of that planning,” Martin said. “We just want to have good events for ... Read More »

Upperman HS Cafeteria To Get Redesigned Service Area Over Summer

Putnam County Schools has plans prepared to redesign the serving area of the Upperman High School cafeteria. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said a new cafe style service with different stations will be created. “We try to make our cafeterias more along the lines of something that our students would want to come in and use,” Martin said. “This ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Providing Bonuses For School Age Care Workers

Putnam County Schools have funded retention bonuses to help maintain staffing among school age care workers. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said a $500 incentive will be distributed at the end of February based on number of days worked. “We are having a lot of trouble with retaining our hourly workers, and so that is an attempt for us to ... Read More »

Avery Trace And Algood Middle School Entrances Upgraded

Extra security now in place thanks to upgraded entrances at Avery Trace Middle School and Algood Middle School. Putnam County Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said the projects include a secure vestibule screening access. “Now when you come up to the school you have to push the buzzer and get buzzed in for outside,” Martin said. “What this will ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Complete CHS Canopy And Entrance Project

The canopy project at Cookeville High School has been completed. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said the new awnings cover the parent drop-off and the bus loading areas. “That school was originally designed to have those canopies there,” Martin said. “Back 20 years or so ago when that building was built, that was one of the things cut out ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Have 6 Stockpile Days Left For School Closures

Putnam County Schools used three more snow days this week bringing the total to seven days of missed school. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said the district has six days remaining for school closures. “Last couple of years, we’ve actually used one or two snow days before Christmas,” Martin said. “This year, we didn’t use any snow days before ... Read More »

PCSS TCAP Scores Decline But Still Above State Averages

Putnam County Schools TCAP scores saw a decline from last year in the majority of areas, but the district mostly remained above the state average. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said the takeaway was teachers and students worked hard and held their own. “Looking at the individual things I feel very confident that our overall number would be two ... Read More »

PCSS Addressing Bleacher Repairs Starting With Algood Middle School

The Putnam County School System looks to perform district wide repairs and replacements on bleachers. Deputy Director of Schools Tim Martin said the school system has started with interior repairs at Algood Middle School. “That’s probably going to be finished over the summer,” Martin said. “As soon as that one is finished, we are going to be looking at Upperman ... Read More »