Saturday, December 2, 2023
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This Week: White County Discusses Animal Shelter; CPWA Talks Referendums

The White County Steering Committee B will discuss the county’s animal shelter. Volunteers from the shelter spoke to the committee last month, requesting support with funding and expressing concern about the state of the shelter. The committee heard their concerns and will have a formal discussion on the matter this week. In other business, Steering Committee A will meet to ... Read More »

Cumberland Plateau Water Authority To Get State Opinion Over Water Jurisdiction

The new Cumberland Plateau Water Authority will ask the State Attorney General’s Office for an opinion on who has jurisdiction over the Crossville water utility. A local attorney suggested Crossville should hold a referendum on the issue during a recent Water Summit meeting. Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Chair Greg Hanson said he did not know if that is accurate, and ... Read More »

Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Summit Brings County Leaders Together

The Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Board will meet with the county’s five utilities Thursday to discuss combining resources. Authority Chair Greg Hanson said the benefits of the region’s five utilities joining the regional authority included state financial incentives, better water, and better customer rates. But Hanson also shared that some incentives are restrictive. “One of the things that was included ... Read More »

Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Sets August Date For Summit

Cumberland Water Authority has set August 7th as the date for its summit, where it will create an action plan to merge five districts into one. Board Chair Greg Hanson said the authority completed administrative setup and organizational procedures in previous meetings. He said the summit brings together all four utility districts plus the city utility for strategic planning and ... Read More »

Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Elects Officers In First Meeting

The Cumberland Plateau Water Authority appointed its officers during its first-ever meeting at Cumberland Mountain State Park Tuesday night. County Appointee Greg Hanson was elected as chair. He was not present for the meeting and attended via phone. County Appointee Sean Stephens was elected as vice-chair. City Appointee Kevin Chamberlin was appointed as Secretary. He said he saw the meeting ... Read More »

Cumberland Plateau Water Authority Members Appointed By County And Crossville

All seven members of the Cumberland Plateau Water Authority have been appointed. The Cumberland County Commission approved four members that include Greg Hanson, Thom Hassler, Missy Sliger and Sean Stephens. Mayor Allen Foster said he nominated members that represent a wide range of professions. “Bookkeepers and developers and things like that,” Foster said. “We have construction people. Just wanted a ... Read More »

Membership The Next Phase Of Forming New Cumberland Water Authority

Now that the Cumberland County Commission has approved a county-wide water authority, work begins on membership. The legislature approved the idea as a way to address long term water needs. Mayor Allen Foster said utility boards within the county will have the first opportunity to join. “Now we just go and talk to them and see if and how they ... Read More »

Foster: Cumberland Plateau Water Authority A Vision For Future Water

A private act has been approved for General Assembly consideration that would lay the groundwork for a new Cumberland County water authority board. Mayor Allen Foster said the Cumberland Plateau Water Authority’s goal is to create a water source for the future by merging several water utilities. “It could be creating a lake. It could be raising a dam,” Foster ... Read More »