Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Overton Commission Passes Budget, No Tax Increases For 7th Consecutive Year

Overton County Commission passed its budget Monday night with one of the healthiest fund balances the county has ever had. That’s according to County Executive Ben Danner. He said that since he’s gone into office eight years ago, the county has doubled its general fund balance. “And what that means is that if things go badly, like the fuel prices,” ... Read More »

Van Buren Takes Next Step In Daycare Project At Masonic Building

Van Buren County accepting bids to renovate its Old Masonic Building to house a daycare facility. The County Commission moved forward with the project Tuesday night. Three private parties have expressed interest in leasing the building. Mayor Greg Wilson said he estimates the work to cost about $30,000. Wilson said using American Rescue Plan money for the project could be ... Read More »

White Commission Approves Funding For Recycling Building At Landfill

A new recycling center will be coming to the White County landfill. The county commission approved the $150,000 for the project Monday. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said finding companies to take the county’s recyclables has been an issue. “We have tried for years to basically partner with somebody, get a vendor, somebody to come and take the recyclables,” Robinson ... Read More »

Clay To Make Changes In Hopes Of Bettering County Employee Wages

Clay County Commission adopted several resolutions to better employee pay Monday night. The resolutions include an increase in new employees’ starting salaries, a two percent increase for current employees, and a two-cent annual longevity raise. District 1 Commissioner Bryan Coons said that it’s important for county employees to have living wages. “The current situation with being able to hire people ... Read More »

Control Of Van Buren Ag Learning Center Given To Extension Office

Van Buren County has given administrative control of the Agriculture Learning Center to the UT-Extension Office. When asked why change control, Commissioner Brian Simmons said everything in the Ag Learning Center was bought by UT. “Because of renting that stuff out, something getting tore up in there, that type of thing,” Simmons said. “So any of that administrative stuff should ... Read More »

Van Buren Approves 15-Month Bonus For County Employees

The majority of Van Buren County Employees will receive a 15-month bonus after Commissioners approved the use of COVID money Tuesday night. The county plans to issue a single check to employees in November. Commissioner Bill Mosley said these men and women showed up and keep the county going through the pandemic. “I hope all of you get your $3,000 ... Read More »

Putnam Redistricting Eliminates 9 District Commission Plan

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee will not consider a nine district option for the county commission. CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said that the committee believes a nine district committee was not feasible for the commission. “Basically the nine district plan brought the Monterey district all the way to the Cookeville city limits,” Rodgers said. “It was going to cause some ... Read More »

Putnam Commissioners To Return To Meetings In Cookeville Community Center

Putnam County Commissioners will move their county commission meetings back to the Cookeville Community Center. Mayor Randy Porter said that after conversations with Chair Mike Atwood, they made the decision citing concern over rising COVID numbers. “I know our hospital is feeling the effects and having a lot of COVID cases and is kind of maxed out right now so ... Read More »

DeKalb Commission To Consider Redistricting Proposal Affecting Four Districts

DeKalb County residents should expect slight changes to districts based on the county redistricting committee’s recommendation to the commission. Mayor Tim Stribling said a small increase in total population caused changes in four districts, moving 264 people. “We moved 158 people from District Three to District Two, and we moved 106 residents to District Five to District Six,” Stribling said. ... Read More »

Putnam Redistricting Committee Looking At 3 Options For County

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee will explore three possible options to bring before the county commission. One plan is to maintain the current 12 districts with two commissioners each. County Technical Assistance Service Consultant Ben Rodgers said that the other two options affect both county commission size and school board size. “Seven commission districts, three commissioners per district,” Rodgers said. “Which would ... Read More »