Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Putnam Commissioners Approve Budget; Concerns With Tax Increase

Putnam County Commissioners approved its 2021-2022 fiscal year budget Monday night, but not without some concern about the 10 cent increase in property taxes. The proposed increase raises the recommended tax rate from 237.2 to 247.2. Commissioner AJ Donadio said that before commissioners voted no on the tax levy, he asked for alternatives for how to pay for the increasing ... Read More »

Putnam Commissioners Support Process For Selling Fairgrounds

A Putnam County realtor and commissioner said the option plan to sell the fairgrounds makes sense for the county and the developer. Commissioner Darren Wilson said the option will give the Nashville-based developer time to pursue a big box store retailer. “The option, basically what it does is it gives them the sole opportunity to through their processes,” Wilson said. ... Read More »

Putnam Commissioner Said County Needs To Be Realistic With Land Values

Putnam County Commissioner Jonathan Williams said current economic uncertainties need to be considered as the county considers selling two pieces of property. The county fairgrounds valued at $10.1 million is being considered for auction next spring. The possible sale of the Highway Department’s school bus garage property adjacent to the Jefferson Walmart is appraised at $2.8 million. “We have COVID-19. ... Read More »

Putnam Commission Wants Work Session With Cookeville

A Putnam County Commissioner wants a work session with the Cookeville City Council and county commission to move forward with the Justice Center expansion. Commissioner Jonathan Williams said communication between both municipalities would benefit the residents affected by the project. “Our jail is right in the heart of the city, and it is right up against the Capshaw Woods neighborhood, ... Read More »

Commissioner Wants Justice Center Parking Relief Offsite

A Putnam County Commissioner has an idea on how to relieve parking issues at the Justice Center by moving some vehicles off site. Commissioner Jonathan Williams said he recommends building a protected car lot to store the vehicles. Currently, he said about a quarter of the lower parking lot appears to be used for vehicles that are not immediately needed ... Read More »