Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Clay County Sheriff Seeing Amazon Scam

Scammers hit the phone to Clay County residents the past few days masquerading as Amazon employees. Scammers claimed residents had a $700 charge and needed their information to resolve their account issue. Sheriff Brandon Boone said one resident reported she believed the scammer and gave her account information. “[They] wanted her to go to the dollar store to obtain a ... Read More »

Clay County Inmate Norris Still On The Run

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department continues its search for an escaped inmate. Roy Norris escaped custody Monday. Norris was set to be transported to a Kentucky penitentiary. Sheriff Brandon Boone said deputies questioned family members Tuesday. “Mr. Norris was on the trustee status and he decided to take off,” Boone said. “He had access that other inmates don’t have access ... Read More »

Clay Co. Jail Reopens for Inmate Visitation

The Clay County Jail resumed inmate visitation Saturday. Chief Deputy Rick Lisi said the jail has taken precautions to keep everyone safe. “I went into the jail and explained to the inmate population that we would tentatively resume doing some visitation with some caveats,” Lisi said. “That was no children would be allowed, only two family members, and, of course, ... Read More »