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Cookeville Regional Working To Maintain Operations And Employees

Cookeville Regional doing everything in its power to continue its operations and deliver the best care possible in the face of rising healthcare costs. That according to CEO Paul Korth. Korth said rising costs are affecting hospitals nationwide. “We’ll be holding on some of our capital purchases that we were planning on doing,” Korth said. “Just to make sure that ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth Gets Positive Evaluation

Cookeville Regional Medical Center CEO Paul Korth received high marks on his annual performance review. Attorney Dan Rader was asked by the board to conduct the confidential evaluation. He said Korth’s evaluation was “very good, if not excellent.” “And I think everybody knows what a tumultuous year we’ve had in the healthcare field and in particular Cookeville with a lot ... Read More »

CRMC To Consider N. Cedar Land Purchase For Additional Parking

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will consider purchasing some 40,000 square feet of land on North Cedar Avenue. The hospital board’s Finance Committee approved the purchase Tuesday night. CEO Paul Korth said the city of Cookeville offered the land back to the hospital after closing on it. “We will use this for parking, I think it will be extended parking for ... Read More »

CRMC Budgets Almost $7M More For Staff Wage Increase

Cookeville Regional to increase its budget for salaries, wages, and benefits for fiscal year 2023 by almost $7 million. Chief Financial Officer Tommye Rena Wells said that brings that budget item up to some $155 million. “During the current fiscal year, the facility increased our wages by almost $7 million for various market adjustments,” Wells said. “In an effort to ... Read More »

CRMC Wants To Begin Work On West Tower’s 4th And 5th Floors

Cookeville Regional Medical Center wants to move forward with renovations of the West Tower’s 4th and 5th floors. The CRMC Board of Trustees Planning Committee approved the plan Tuesday night to begin architectural and engineering plans with Gresham-Smith. CEO Paul Korth said that he wants the project to begin work now, so they can begin the construction at the earliest ... Read More »

CRMC At “Licensed Capacity” Dealing With Higher Patient Volume

Cookeville Regional Medical Center reached licensed capacity as of Tuesday morning. Chief Nursing Officer Scott Lethi said that the hospital had to get creative with its overflow patients by maximizing resources. “You know we need staff to come in and work extra to take care of higher volumes,” Lethi said. “Our census is higher than it was a year ago. ... Read More »

CRMC Looking To Grow Specialty Pharmacy Program

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is looking to further expand its specialty pharmaceuticals abilities through the purchase of a new analytics program. CRMC Pharmacy Director Dr. Casey White said specialty pharmacies assist patients in treating more rare illnesses whose medications are more expensive and require more direct contact with patients. CFO Tommye Rena Wells said the addition of the program also ... Read More »

CRMC Creates Video Series Highlighting Hospital’s Services

Cookeville Regional will tell its story through a new series of videos designed to celebrate the local role the medical center plays. CEO Paul Korth said the videos are important to keep the community up to date on what the hospital does. “Technology and what our medical staff does here changes so rapidly,” Korth said. “We’re constantly fighting behind that ... Read More »

Cookeville City Council To Hold Special CRMC Budget Meeting

The first reading of the Cookeville Regional Medical Center budget will not be considered Thursday because of a council member absence. Council members went ahead with a work session Tuesday afternoon on the $345 million operating budget. Board of Trustees Chair Allen Ray said Cookeville Regional’s proposed budget means more than just dollars. “These surgeons and these doctors are doing ... Read More »

CRMC Medical Staff Honored For Tornado Response

Cookeville Regional honored the medical professionals who treated 95 tornado victims in the hours after the storm. “As everyone knows, March 3rd 2020 changed the lives in the matter of minutes. Families were torn apart. Nineteen lives were lost,” CRMC CEO Paul Korth said. “As quickly as the storm hit and left, Cookeville Regional Medical Center personnel were called in, ... Read More »