Friday, August 12, 2022
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New Meat Processing Plant In Celina Preparing For Grand Opening

The Upper Cumberland will soon have a new way to purchase beef products. Celina’s D & D Meats Incorporated will have its first harvest next week. President John Donaldson said the goal is to open to customers this June or July. “Our goals here is to elevate the industry and to allow consumers the opportunity and producers a like to ... Read More »

Celina Gets New Welcome Signs And LED Lighting Downtown

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce has completed a Celina grant project that added welcome signs and installed LED street lights. Executive Director Doug Young said a $12,000 grant allowed four signs to be placed entering all sides of Celina. “We had a committee that just put the plan together and now we have “Welcome to Celina” coming in on ... Read More »

Celina Aldermen Approve Land Survey For Splash Pad

The Celina Board of Aldermen has officially selected Donaldson Park as the location for its proposed splash pad. Mayor Luke Collins said the city has approved a $3,500 contract to survey the land. “There is a lot of discussion that still has to be done,” Collins said. “I’ve visited the splash pad in Livingston and Monterey to kind of get ... Read More »

Clay Ambulance Committee Approves 3-Year Contract With Celina

The Clay County Ambulance Committee has approved a three-year EMS contract with Celina for the county commission to consider. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said the two entities agreed on a some $464,000 contract with a 2-3 percent yearly increase. “The employees at the ambulance service are happy about that,” Collins said. “It will help us keep employees, and it will ... Read More »

Gov Lee Visits Celina To Discuss Local Concerns With State Workers

Governor Bill Lee continued his tour of the state’s counties in celebration of 225 years of statehood. Lee spent part of Wednesday visiting with workers of the state’s Department of Human Services and Children Services in downtown Celina. “I wanted to touch base with our folks in our department that work for the state just to talk about how we ... Read More »

Clay To Begin Work On New EMS Contract With Celina

The negotiation process to renew the EMS contract between Clay County and Celina is set to begin in committee later this month. County Mayor Dale Reagan said employee retention will be an emphasis when the county’s ambulance committee starts budgeting. “That always come back to your salaries, and so that will be one of the things discussed,” Reagan said. “And ... Read More »

Celina Hangs Up Exact Replica Of Record Smallmouth Bass At City Hall

Celina residents may notice some new decor while stopping by city hall this week. The town displaying an exact replica of the world’s largest smallmouth bass in its lobby. “Mr. Butch did a super job with the taxidermy on that fish and just very very proud of it,” Mayor Luke Collins said. “I know we are going to get a ... Read More »

Celina Attorney Recommends More Work On New EMS Contract

The Celina Board of Aldermen introduced a five-year proposal Tuesday night, a framework for a new contract with Clay County for EMS services. Mayor Luke Collins said the contract basics would closely follow current stipulations and include the recently approved EMS raises. City Attorney Jimmy White recommended further negotiations with the county to account for the future economy. “Would it ... Read More »

Celina Truck Route Clears T-DOT Environmental Study

T-DOT has completed the required environmental study to create a truck route around Celina. That is according to Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan. Reagan said the proposed route would start at the end of the State Route 52 bridge near Kyle Street. “It looks like the possibility of that happening is very promising,” Reagan said. “First thing it would be ... Read More »

Celina Man Arrested After Not Reporting Dead Body

A Celina man has been charged with failure to report the discovery of a body. Andy Cruea arrested on one count for allegedly not telling authorities about a dead Kentucky woman at his residence. Maegan Bowling was found dead on Cruea’s sofa after authorities located her vehicle outside the Ross Boles Road home. Investigators discovered Bowling had been deceased for ... Read More »