Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Monterey Faces Backlash For Monterey Hometown Project

The transfer of money from the Monterey Hometown Project to the town of Monterey is causing concern. The donations and grants for the project are in an account under the Standing Stone Historical Society non-profit umbrella. Standing Stone Historical Society President Rebekah Beeler said the main issue is the legality of the transfer. “I need to see that the those ... Read More »

Monterey Board Of Alderman Discuss Social Media Use

Facebook posts by a Monterey Alderman sparked talks of social media policy Monday night among the Monterey Board of Alderman. Alderwoman Julie Bohannon presented deleted posts and comments from other users on Alderman J.J Reels’ personal Facebook. Bohannon said deleting opposing views denies first amendment rights and breaks the city’s social media policy. “We are sworn to uphold the policies, ... Read More »