Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Stone Memorial HS Planning For Indoor Turf Practice Field

Stone Memorial High School is re-purposing its field house to create an indoor practice facility.

The school plans to relocate the existing weight room to an adjacent area in the same building. Athletic Director Lance Kennedy said turf will then be installed in the empty space.

“The fundraising and so fourth has all taken place,” Kennedy said. “Approval and so fourth has met the time frame that we anticipated needed. Everything is on track for a project right after school lets out.”

Kennedy said the practice field will primarily be for football use, but other sports can use the facility when available. Kennedy said gymnasium usage by sports teams during inclement weather spawned the idea for the project.

“We’ve been in a multitude of meetings with buildings and grounds and different members of the Board of Education to try and get this plan moving along,” Kennedy said. “We’ve got another meeting that is coming up in a few weeks I believe, which we’re hoping will kind of be the final plan for us and move forward.”

Also included in the plans is a coach meeting room and converting a shower room for workout machinery. Kennedy said school officials are set to meet the school board in May to finalize the eight to 10 week project.

“There is definitely some demolition,” Kennedy said. “They are looking now with the Fire Marshal and so fourth about relocating different fire pools and potential sprinklers and things like that. You’re talking about moving the weight room and moving the flooring of that weight room.”

Kennedy said the biggest expense is the turf. The some $18,000 price tag is being funded through donations and athletic boosters.