Monday, June 27, 2022
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State Unveils Design For Fall Creek Falls Inn

The State Building Commission has approved the early design phase for the new inn, restaurant, and conference center at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Brandon Keown is with Earl Swensson Associates, the Principal-in-charge of the 95,700 square foot project.

“The reclaimed natural environment is being brought back to the peninsula and views of the lake will be accessible both around the building and through the center lobby to the other side,” Keown said. “We have a total of 82-84 guest rooms with a varying mix of room types.”

The $29.4 million project still on track to be completed by June 2020. Construction will likely begin later this year.

The new inn and restaurant is forecasted to generate $278,000 per year in sales and occupancy taxes – a growth of $90,000 per year compared to revenue from the previous facility.