Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

State Rep. Williams Eyeing House Majority Leader Role

State Representative Ryan Williams is looking to become the next House Majority Leader in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Williams says his experience as Caucus Chairman has prepared him for the position.

“As the Caucus Chairman, my role is really to unite the different ideas as it relates to the House Republican Caucus,” Williams says. “Much like a family member, I officiate the different views you have out there, and when you have 73 members, there are so many divergent views. We all may agree on 90 percent of the things but a lot of the times it’s officiating the other 10 percent.”

Williams says being the Caucus Chairman also allows him to bring past leadership experience and stability to the position.

“I feel like I would be bringing those ideas to the table as well as those conservative principles and Tennessee values that our state has elected such a large majority of Republicans to,” Williams says, “like smaller government, lower taxes, protection of the unborn, things of that nature, so I think you’ll see a lot more of that going forward as well.”

Williams says current House Majority Leader and 63rd District Representative Glen Casada is vacating his role to run for House Speaker.

“It being void of someone in that role and because I have experience in what would be the rung below it,” Williams says, “I felt like it would be a good time for me to try this new leadership role on for size.”

The Tennessee House of Representatives will elect the new House Majority Leader Tuesday, Nov. 20.