Sunday, June 26, 2022
Happening Now

State Law Requires You To Call Before You Dig

With warmer weather here, it may be time to start on that long-awaited yard project.

But before you dig, the Cookeville Gas Department encourages a call to 8-1-1. Administrative & Compliance Superintendent Roger Phillips said customers received a bill stuffer about the service in their bills this month.

“Basically it’s just a remainder for our customers to call 8-1-1 before you dig,” Phillips said. “It’s for your own safety, it protects gas pipelines and it’s Tennessee state law.”

Phillips said every year, the city gas department sees several damaged lines from digging. Phillips said by calling 8-1-1, a local utility worker will come to your location within three business days to mark where not to dig.

“They will walk you through prompts and ask what kind of digging that you’ll be doing,” Phillips said. “They will contact your local utilities, and we will come out to your homes.”

Phillips said the service is free and ensures you will not be billed for damaged pipes.