Sunday, February 23, 2020
Happening Now

Stacey Dwight Austin Arrested For Disorderly Conduct After Release From Jail

Crossville Police arrested 37-year-old Stacey Dwight Austin five days after being released from jail for manslaughter.

A police report indicates authorities were called to the Highway 127 bridge over I-40 about a man sitting on the ledge. Officers arrived on scene and found Austin sitting with his feet on the sidewalk and hands in his pocket.

Austin tried walking away before the officer stopped him. A search revealed a syringe, toothbrush, and knife in Austin’s pocket.

The report states Austin told authorities he didn’t want to jump from the bridge, although the officer reports Austin had an uneasy demeanor.

At that time, police state Austin threw the syringe off the bridge and into I-40 traffic below. The officer then arrested Austin for disorderly conduct and transported him to the Cumberland County Justice Center.

Austin pleaded guilty earlier this month after fatally shooting his aunt, 55-year-old Teresa Austin, last June. Austin was released from jail April 5 on probation when TBI forensic evidence supported his case of self-defense after Teresa’s DNA was found on a knife at the crime scene.