Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Happening Now

Spokes Art Sculpture Installation Continues

Installation work continues on the Spokes Art Sculpture in Downtown Cookeville.

Brad Sells designed the Spokes Art Sculpture.

“I wanted this project to really speak about community, family and service,” Sells said.

The sculpture showcases bikes from all over the USA and the Cookeville area.

“The bike to the right of that belonged to Harry Stewart. Harry was an OBGYN here in town. We left that bike just the way he left that bike. It’s even got his mace spray and his bicycle pump,” Sells said. “I left his computer on there. And on the back seat, he’s got some things that he used to carry with him when he rode, including a five dollar bill.”

Sells said he could remember seeing Stewart’s bike as a child.

In the middle of the sculpture, a three seated bike hangs on the arch.

“And then I’ve got to talk about the bike in the middle. That was made by a gentleman named Coolridge Holt, that’s Allysa Parks’s father,” Sells said. “And he made that bike in the 50’s after returning from World War II. He had shrapnel in his leg. He couldn’t walk that well and so he made this bike.”

Sells said the team worked to keep the tires’ shape by using aluminium electrical conduit.

“And some hard plastic to put in the tires so they stay inflated,” Sells said. “And we have also done a lot of preservation with UV resistant clear coat.” 2

After the structure’s completion, the city will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

LED lights will highlight the sculpture at night.

The Tennessee Arts Commission provided eight thousand dollars in funding and donations funded another seven thousand dollars.

Sells said the Tennessee Arts Commission Grant deadline is May 31.

The thirty-six feet wide and thirteen feet tall structure sets as the entrance to the Tennessee Central Trail.