Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Speaker Sexton: Redistricting First Item To Be Addressed In General Assembly

The Tennessee General Assembly will reconvene this Tuesday with redistricting being the most pressing issue.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton said he sees the first three weeks being spent on the matter.

“For the House we release the map at the end of last year, which is the first time we have ever done it that soon or that early,” Sexton said. “So, we look forward to having the House map up. We haven’t seen the Senate map. That’s up to them, but we will pass whatever they send us over and currently, we are working on congressional.”

Sexton said there will be a lot of changes once the new redistricting map is approved. Sexton said the house will have some seats moved from East and West Tennessee to the Middle sector.

“There’s always challenges, but the good thing is we live in a great state with great people, and we’re all willing to still, unlike Washington sometimes, sit down and talk through it and try to work through a solution,” Sexton said.

The deadline to have the plan completed is based on the last filing date to run for state offices. Sexton said the General Assembly wants to give potential candidates at least two months of knowing what district they land in.

Sexton said he expects the congressional map to be completed in the next week or two.