Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Sparta To Experience Planned Outage Saturday Night

Sparta will undergo a citywide blackout Saturday starting at 11:59 p.m. for up to four hours.

Electric Manager Belva Bess said it is a necessary outage to help with a substation transformer switch. She said the city had been operating with the spare while the main transformer was undergoing repairs.

“We have got that repaired and we’re getting back on our main transformer off of the spare,” Bess said. “This is something that has to be done with the power is killed because of high voltage and everything. So that’s why there is a city-wide outage.”

Bess said Caney Fork Electric shares the substation with the city. She said they will switch to the spare while they do maintenance on their own.

Bess said Caney Fork customers should not expect a loss of power. She said they have another substation that they will back feed to. She said Sparta only has one substation and does not have that option.