Friday, July 19, 2024
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Sparta Skate Park To Move Across The River

The Sparta Skateboard Park will not reopen after the demolition completed on the Old Sparta Hardware facility.

Crews completed that demolition last week. Mayor Jerry Lowery said the park was closed for safety concerns in March when the building began to crumble. He said the skate park will be moved out of the historic district and across the river to the Carter Park playground area.

“We’re not talking far, probably, I don’t know, a quarter mile,” Lowery said. “Just across the river at our existing park. We’ve got enough land to probably make a little bit better skateboard park, maybe, and at least put what we had there, and then we’ll go from there and see what happens with it.”

Lowery said the city was planning to move the park anyway, but when the building became unsafe in March, the plans were stalled.

The existing park has been cleared of debris and is essentially nothing more than a concrete slab as of now, Lowery said.