Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Sparta Fire Chief Shares Kitchen Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

Sparta Fire Chief Kirk Young said if you want to avoid a kitchen fire this Thanksgiving, pay attention to your stove while cooking.

Young said from his experience, an unattended oven is the main contributor to house fires this time of year.

“Sometimes people get preoccupied with family members coming into their home and have something cooking on the stove,” Young said. “You don’t see these people much outside of the holidays, and they leave stuff unattended and it catches on fire.”

Young said he has seen people cook turkeys overnight which has lead to grease fires in the oven. Young said the best practice is to remain in the kitchen and keep a fire extinguisher just in case.

“They are not too terribly expensive,” Young said. “Always make sure you have one and make sure that it is always filled properly.”

Young said electrical fires also common, so you should be aware of your cords and appliances when in use. Young said if you do face a kitchen fire, try to smother it with a towel and call the fire department.

Young said if it is a grease fire, do not pour water on it. Young said oil is less dense than water and can push the grease out of the pan spreading the fire.