Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Happening Now

Sparta Continuing Work With State To Answer Sewer Overflow Issues

A special-called meeting scheduled as a result of a Thursday Sparta Board of Aldermen work session regarding sewer violations.

City Administrator Brad Hennessee said TDEC placed the city on notice in 2019 regarding the overflow issues. Hennessee said the meeting will continue efforts to fulfill a consent order that requires corrective action.

“The engineer that has been working on the project was out of the office this week,” Hennessee said. “We are going to contact him on Monday about coming next week to kind of help us evaluate where we are with that and how to move forward.”

Hennessee said the board will consider bids on a man hole project on Highway 111 that pertains to the consent order. Hennessee said the overflow issues happens infrequently during heavy rainfall.

Hennessee said the city has been aware of the ongoing issue since 2019. Hennessee said the state has been involved since that date as well.