Saturday, February 16, 2019
Happening Now

Sparta Continues Work with TDOT for Road Projects

The City of Sparta continues to coordinate with TDOT to improve road infrastructure throughout the city.

Mayor Jeff Young said the city finished sidewalk work with a million dollar TDOT grant recently.

“This is a million dollar grant for basically for pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, that type of deal. This is the first time TDOT has ever offered this grant. We did have a good grant proposal,” Young said. “And we were accepted on that. We just completed that project on the west side of town. The old west side of town looks really nice as you come off highway 111.”

Since the completion, the city started preparing for additional TDOT work, Young said.

“Currently TDOT is getting ready and making preparations to do some ADA improvements at the corners of all of our intersections because they are going to come by and pave the roads,” Young said. “We have been working with TDOT for about two years to get in line to get all the streets paved in Sparta. We hope to have that project completed by the end of September.”

Young said Sparta continues to grow and the city needs to keep working on the infrastructure.