Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Sparta Beekeeper Recovers Swarm from Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent’s Home

A Sparta Beekeeper called on this week to evict a swarm of bees from the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent’s home.

Vincent was recording at her home on Monday when she discovered honeybees had established a colony in the overhang of her front porch. Vincent asked a friend for help and that eventually led to Jeffrey Herel .

“The front door to the left in the floor joist to the second floor there were about 15,000 bees or so that had moved in and they built a nice comb nest in there,” Herel said. “And they had decided to make the Vincent home their home.”

Herel said the developing hive was in easy reach.  He said he used a stepladder to gain access with a custom made vacuum that draws bees in with a gentle suction. Herel said he carefully removed the newly established honey comb after vacuuming bees out of the way.

Herel said once bees enter the box they walk up a ramp into a series of Longstrath bee hive frames.

“I guess within an hour or hour and half all the bees were in our vacuum,” Herel said.  “Or most of the bees, there were still a few stragglers coming in.”

Herel said as of Wednesday all the bees had been transferred to their new home.

“Rhonda Vincent named the bees The Bluegrass Bees,” Herel said.

He said the bee box is painted blue with some flowers and bees. Herel said they will be giving honey to Vincent from that particular bee box.

“We’re going to call that honey Queen of Bluegrass Honey,” Herel said.

Herel said he was the only one from the bee removal team that was stung. He said his helpers Tomoko Roberts and Richard Mottesheard wore protective gear and escaped the sting of The Bluegrass Bees.

Herel said they are out of the business of swarm removal. He said this particular service was provided to a close friend who reached out on behalf of  Vincent.

Herel’s Honey is available directly from the honey farm and processing house on Saturdays from 8339 Hickory Valley Rd from 1pm-5pm year round or by appointment.