Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Sparta Aldermen Approve Resolution Prioritizing Sewer Connections

The Sparta Board of Aldermen approved a resolution Thursday night that gives priority to businesses when a new sewer connection becomes available.

The city is currently under a moratorium issued by the state limiting new sewer taps. Mayor Jerry Lowery said if a tap is disconnected, a new connection can be issued.

“With that one to one swap, there is a possibility that we could bring a business in if needed,” Lowery said. “TDEC told us last week that we need to get approval by them if something like that happens.”

Lowery said the city knows of at least one sewer connection that no longer remains.

“For instance, the Red Turner’s building was on the tap and is not anymore,” Lowery said. “There are possibly some others that we are looking it.”

Alderman Brian Jones asked if it would be on a first come first served basis. Lowery said the city would need to further discuss that. Lowery said for now, he just wanted to give priority to the businesses.

Lowery said residential developments were not included since homes can use septic systems and still build.

The resolution was passed contingent on TDEC approving the move.