Saturday, April 1, 2023
Happening Now

Sparta Aldermen Accepting Bids To Smoke Test Sewer System

Sparta accepting bids to smoke test its sewer lines looking for locations where ground water enters the system.

Mayor Jerry Lowery said the leaks are a main reason why the city is currently under a sewer moratorium.

“They’re going to blow smoke in the pipes, and it is going to come out somewhere,” Lowery said. “We’re going to visibly see that, and there is a possibility that this smoke will come up in homes, in gutters and we’re trying to find where the rain water is entering our sewer system.”

Lowery said the test will be very accurate since the water table is low. Lowery said the city believes that some residential gutter systems are connected to sewer lines causing the issues.

“It’s just another part of us trying to solve the problem instead of guessing,” Lowery said. “We can start busting pipes and trying to repair things, but this will give us an area to attack.”

Lowery said the cost of the test will be covered through federal COVID funds. Lowery said once a bid is approved, public notification will go out to warn people about the possible visible smoke.