Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Some 50% Clay 3rd, 4th Graders ELA Proficient

Roughly half of Clay County’s third and fourth graders hit Language Arts proficiency on their April TCAP scores.

Clay County Schools Instructional Supervisor Misty Strong said 37 of 69 total third graders scored proficient or better, with 31 of 65 fourth graders hitting the mark. She said only two third graders will be retained, as the rest received exemptions, such as learning disability diagnoses.

“We had 24 students try the retake,” Strong said. “Out of those 24, 10 reached proficiency. Those 10 students, because they have a proficient score, will go on to the fourth grade with no strings attached.”

Strong said third graders who did not score proficiently could also be promoted through positive test scores on the Aimsweb Reading Screener or year-long tutoring in fourth grade. She said the district should receive state results in July on how many fourth graders achieved adequate growth and will be eligible for promotion to fifth grade.

She said the parents of nine third graders filed appeals based on Ames Webb scores and have their child promoted, with a year of tutoring guaranteed.

“All of our parents that were eligible to file an appeal for their child gave permission to Clay County Schools to file that appeal for them,” Strong said. “And as of today, all submitted appeals have all been granted by the Tennessee Department of Education.”

Strong said nine fourth graders could be affected by the state criteria for adequate growth as they look to move on to fifth grade.