Friday, December 9, 2022
Happening Now

Smoke From Derryberry Hall Related To Roof Construction

Smoke seen on Tennessee Tech’s campus near Derryberry Hall Saturday related to construction on the building’s roof.

In a press release from the university, it stated “Work to remove the upper portion of the building’s cupola generated heavy smoke and hot embers as a crew cut portions of the tower free.”

Cookeville Fire Department Lieutenant Charles McFalls said that those same embers caused a small, minor fire because of the oldness of the wood. He said that after they were able to put out the small fire, the department stayed in the area as crews continued work in case they needed further assistance.

Tech’s press release also stated that “Racers and community members supporting the annual Haunted Half Marathon were also on campus at this time. There were no injuries and there has been no damage to Derryberry Hall related to this morning’s work.”

Work on Derryberry Hall’s cupola removal is expected to continue throughout the weekend.