Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Smithville Launches Online Property Tax Payment Portal

Smithville residents will now be able to pay their property taxes online with a recently developed web tool.

Property Tax Clerk Holly Anderson said the tool comes just in time for this year’s property taxes to be mailed out this Friday.

“We had been looking into it for a while just to make it easier on the taxpayer and on mortgage companies and banks,” Anderson said. “Just to give people that option to get on there and be able to look up online, and be able to check payments if we’re not open.”

Anderson said the process to pay online is straightforward. She said all one needs to do is log on to Smithville’s website, click the pay property tax option in the top right corner, and go from there.

In addition to the taxpayer, Anderson said it will help mortgage companies and banks find information more efficiently. She said before, they would have to call the office and go through the individual information needs one-by-one manually.