Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Several Commissioners Say Farewell To Serving Putnam County

Nine Putnam County Commissioners gave their farewells Monday night as the winners of election will take their seats in September.

Commissioners Mike Atwood, Kevin Christopher, Jordan Iwanyszyn, Joe Iwanyszyn, Jim Martin, Cindy Adams, Jerry Roberson, Jerry Ford and Bobby Williams all served in their last meeting. Atwood said he was grateful to serve for 12 years.

“Leadership is about vision,” Atwood said. “You cast a vision. You develop a plan to get to your vision and you ask the people to follow you there. We’ve got some great men with vision here and a wonderful mayor with vision. I’ll miss this, but there is something else down the road and I thank you.”

Fred Vondra, Ron Chaffin, Chevin Eldridge, David Gentry, Ken Hall, Junior Phipps, Vinnie Faccinto, Terry Randolph and David Andrews will join the commission. Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said they will be sworn in on August 29th during an orientation for the new members.