Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Secretary Of State Grants Millard Oakley Library $7K For Solar-Powered Benches

Secretary of State Tre Hargett paid a visit to the Millard Oakley Library in Livingston Thursday to present a technology grant.

The $7,100 grant went towards solar-powered benches, hotspots, and computer classes.

“Now people can come here and be able to charge their devices and be able to connect to the wifi inside,” Hargett said. “People would be surprised if they drive past this library, you’ll see people in the parking lot of the library late at night because that’s their only access to wifi. So it’s important we make sure our libraries are connected.”

Library Director Judith Cutwright said the two benches are now available for use and have received a lot of praise. She said one of the Livingston Academy blue benches can be found on the courthouse side of the library and one in the parking lot.

Cutwright said these benches serve as just another way to provide access to information in the community. She said they help people stay connected by providing the ability to charge devices even when the library isn’t open.

“This will allow them to make sure their device does not die in the middle of a phone call or downloading anything,” Cutwright said. “If they bring their charging cord they can plug into the benches and they’re close enough to the building they can get on the wifi and access the internet all day or all night.”