Friday, April 3, 2020
Happening Now

School System Working On Cell Phone Tower Deal

A Chattanooga-based company wants to install cell phone towers on the campuses of several Putnam County schools.

Interim Director of Schools Corby King said Vogue Towers would pay the school system to host the towers.

“They look like light poles,” King said. “It’s not like the cell phone towers that you are accustomed to seeing. These would be basically light pole towers with 5G services.”

The Putnam County Board of Education met earlier this month and delayed action to begin working with the company. School board attorney Dan Radar said he would like to see some changes to the proposed contract.

“I think the concept is just fine, but that contract just requires a little modification,” Radar said. “The money’s not the issue, and the core deal is not the issue. It’s just the contract terms need to be adjusted some.”

Under the proposal, Vogue would make a one-time payment of $10,000 for installing each tower. They would also pay the school system $950 a month to lease the tower locations for 36 months.

The company has a similar agreement with the Wilson County School System.

King said the board of education will vote on changes to the contract when they meet in March.