Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Salvation Army Continuing Efforts To Create Livingston Transitional Housing Opportunity

Salvation Army hoping to start the process to create a transitional housing program in Livingston.

Outreach Coordinator Luke Eldridge said the housing would serve individuals who are coming out of treatment facilities or short-term housing. Eldridge said in his experience, there is a large need in the Upper Cumberland to have this kind of facility available.

“You’re somewhere in a homeless mission or you’re in a hotel or you’re getting ready to graduate from one of these programs, and then the housing is the hardest part,” Eldridge said. “And I think we’ve talked about transitional housing for quite a few years, and I think it’s just time we put the pedal down a little bit harder and see if we can get there quicker.”

Eldridge said while Salvation Army is excited to make this vision a reality, there is much to be done. He said they have to fundraise, find a location for the facility, and work on community involvement.

Eldridge said the Salvation Army team plans to meet in April to iron out the vision. He said he estimates the process will take about three to four years before it is fully complete.

“I’ve worked with the homeless for a long time and other individuals, you think of people who have their home burn down or they get evicted and they have nowhere to go,” Eldridge said. “So we have some type of transitional housing to help in some capacity I think we would really be able to put a bridge between a gap no one is needing right now. You think of public housing, government housing, there is such a backed up waiting list.”