Monday, September 25, 2023
Happening Now

Retail Consultant Says Several National Companies Are Interested In Livingston

Several national chains have expressed interest in moving to Livingston.

That is according to Retail Consultant Kyle Cofer who was hired by the city earlier this year. Cofer said a sandwich shop, coffee company, chicken restaurant and shoe business have all explored sites.

“We look at everything through the eyes kind of like a site selector would,” Cofer said. “There is a ton of traffic. I was really impressed. This is my third visit here since I have been under contract and everything looks really good.”

Cofer said two Nashville brokers are also interested in sites in Livingston. Cofer said the groups represent a number of concepts and want more information about two locations. Cofer said he is working with the property owners to get an asking price.

Cofer said he is about halfway through the process after six months of work to bring more businesses to Livingston. Cofer said he has found that many companies have overlooked Livingston when exploring locations.