Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Researchers Seek Local Input About Tornado Preparedness and Aftermath

A group of three researchers is conducting surveys and interviews with middle Tennessee residents about tornado preparedness and aftermaths.

The data will help the team gauge the community’s experience with tornadoes, and how it can be used to benefit them in the future.

Anthropologist and University of Findlay Associate Professor Dr. Jaymeelee Kim said the work could help communities better prepare for disaster.

“We’re trying to get the big picture from all of these different perspectives of what those mechanisms look like as they’re playing out with the goal of them putting forth recommendations of how to improve preparedness and recovery, and what worked well and maybe could be carried over into other areas of the country,” Kim said.

Kim said they hope to study what behaviors changed after experiencing a tornado as well. Kim said that they invite everyone to respond to the survey, not just those who experienced severe damage or tragedy.

“Really anyone who was involved in any way, and really that’s all of the Putnam County community and even broader to east Tennessee,” Kim said. “So we’re asking folks about their experience.”

Kim said the data will help the team gauge what types of things worked in preparing community members for big weather events, what worked in the aftermath, and how these procedures can improve.

Kim said the team has conducted research both through a series of interviews and survey responses, and that so far they’ve had good community engagement. They’ve spoken to emergency personnel, government officials, and community members who wanted to speak on their experiences with tornado preparedness.

Kim said that because each of the researchers spent time in Tennessee, they feel this is their way of giving back to the areas.