Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Rep. Hale Files Bill For Food Item Sales Tax Holiday For Seniors

40th District Representative Michael Hale has filed a bill that would include the sale of food items and food ingredients for individuals 70 or older during sales tax holidays.

Hale said House Bill 243 aims to include those items in a 90-day sales tax holiday with license plate fees. He said he felt a responsibility to help the senior population.

“Me owning a funeral home, I sit with a lot of elderly people and senior citizens and I see firsthand the struggle,” Hale said. “Just the other day I had an email from someone talking about housing costs and all other costs. They were having to decide between paying bills or if they can buy groceries.

Hale said the system to administer the sales tax holiday will be a simple one. He said all it will require is an I.D. check to make sure someone is of age.

Hale said the bill has also been filed in the Senate. He said there is also a possibility that Governor Bill Lee will these efforts a step further.

“The idea behind the bill, of course, we all know inflation is through the roof,” Hale said. “And our seniors, they’re definitely the ones that are hit the hardest, hit the most, so I wanted to come up with a way to help those on fixed income.”