Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Rennova Denies Presley’s $1 Million Bid For JRMC

Rennova Health Systems has denied a $1 million bid to purchase Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Crossville clinician and physician assistant Johnny Presley made the offer to Rennova and hospital CEO Michael Alexander earlier this summer.

Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson said Rennova’s decision comes at no surprise.

“Rennova and Mr. Seamus Lagan, they’re kind of dug in and I don’t know why,” Johnson said. “Mr. Presley actually offered them in a verbal offer of $750,000… but Mr. Seamus said he hadn’t had a written request, so he got a written request offer. Maybe a couple weeks ago, we were in on a meeting with him and he actually offered in a written request up to $1 million.”

Presley hasn’t been the only one interested in purchasing JRMC. Johnson said another unidentified entity also made an offer to Rennova in order to acquire the Jamestown hospital.

“I know about a week later another party offered $1.5 [million] verbally to Mr. Michael Alexander,” Johnson said. “[Alexander] said he would pass the word along to Mr. Seamus. Nothing has ever come out of that, but as far as I know they’re holding on so that’s where we’re at on that.”

Presley said last week he had tried purchasing JRMC prior to acquiring Cumberland River Hospital in Celina for $200,000 from Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

JRMC has remained closed for the last two months after being terminated from Medicare and Medicaid services.