Monday, December 16, 2019
Happening Now

Reels To Propose Assisted Living Facility At Former Uffelman Campus

A Monterey Aldermen would like to see the city purchase the former Uffelman Elementary School.

JJ Reels said it could be an ideal spot for an assisted living facility.

“What if we could acquire that building and convert it into an assisted living facility? It’s already got a cafeteria in it and a gym that could be a place for the folks to interact,” Reels said. “Obviously it would need considerable work, but I think it would be cheaper than building a whole new facility.”

Mayor Bill Wiggins previously mentioned the possibility of constructing an assisted living facility behind the nursing home.

Reels said he plans to propose the idea during next month’s city board meeting.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone about it, but it’s something I’m going to bring up during the next meeting,” Reels said. ” At this point, we don’t have an assisted living facility and we have a building that’s sitting vacant.”

The Putnam County School system tried selling the building last year but decided not to after bids came back too low.