Thursday, January 28, 2021
Happening Now

Recruiting Tech Companies A Possibility For Jackson Co. Square

Jackson County is considering recruiting in technology companies to fill vacant town square buildings.

Chamber of Commerce President Jordan Hunter said a walkable downtown area is something businesses look for when setting up shop.

“Something that we could use some of these older buildings for or empty vacant buildings is technology companies,” Hunter said. “They don’t take much as much room. We have the square footage for those, and that is something we are really trying to figure out.”

Hunter said this is something the chamber has looked at for creating more jobs for Gainesboro. Hunter said he is trying to work out how to begin that recruiting process.

“How do we get in on that,” Hunter said. “Also, they look for walkable downtowns. They want restaurants. They want things like that, so it would really drive economic impact to our downtown area and help with any businesses that we bring in.”