Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Happening Now

Putnam Superintendent Of Schools Receives Contract Extension

The Putnam County Board of Education has approved a one-year contract extension for Superintendent of Schools Jerry Boyd.

Board Chairman Dawn Fry said Boyd’s salary will remain unchanged at $108,210.

“Because we were unable to do anything more for anyone else in the district, we felt that it was only fair that we leave Mr. Boyd where he is,” Fry said. “I will just say that I felt like our evaluation this year went very well. It was a lot more that we evaluated. By far, you are doing an excellent job and we certainly appreciate your leadership in our district.”

The school board unanimously approved the new contract during Thursday night’s meeting.

“I appreciate Jerry and what he does. No matter what, he always seems to put our children first,” Putnam County School Board member David McCormick said. “I think he does an excellent job for us. Unfortunately, we would all like to give him more money, but under the circumstances it’s not fair. In years past, I’d like to say that we have offered him money and he did turn it down when the teachers didn’t get it.”

The board recently expanded the instrument they use to conduct Boyd’s annual evaluation. Putnam County School Board Attorney Dan Radar said that instrument doubled this year from at least 70 items to 125.

“The evaluation remained excellent from the board. The total was 4.52 out of 5, which is actually higher than it was last year when it was a less comprehensive instrument,” Radar said. “In addition, the board asked the administrative staff and principals for each school to also do an evaluation of Mr. Boyd. It was done anonymously, and that evaluation was excellent as well.”

Boyd’s extended contract runs through June 30, 2022.