Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Putnam Library System Seeks Feedback from Commission, Public

The Putnam County Library System is seeking feedback from both the public and county commissioners.

Library Director Phil Schaller says the library reached out to the commissioners and the community to gauge the system’s performance.

“It basically started with a strategic planning session here. We had been doing a long-term strategic plan to improve the library,” Schaller says. “One of the first parts of doing the strategic plan is reaching out to our stakeholders and get information about how we can be better.”

The survey was distributed to Putnam County commissioners during their Oct. 15 meeting. Schaller says the commissioners’ survey goes a little more in-depth with the library’s services.

“They were along the lines of where do the commissioners see the library in five years, what roles and services do they want us to provide in the community that they don’t already provide… those sorts of things,” Schaller says.

Schaller says the survey will allow the library to see where their services stand and what areas they may need to improve.

“The thought was the commissioners are the voice of the people of the county [so we wanted] to get feedback from them as to how we can best serve their constituents, basically,” Schaller says. “We receive funding from the county and from the cities, so we feel we’re kind of accountable to those tax dollars. So we wanted to make sure that we’re using them the best way that we can.”

Schaller says the survey results from the commissioners and the public will help guide the library’s future in the community.

“I think it’ll be a great asset,” Schaller says. “It will inform our long-range planning for the next five to ten years as to how we’re going to take the direction of the library, what sorts of services we should be offering the public, and what direction we need to be taking the library.”

Schaller says the commissioners have not yet submitted their ballots but the public can access the survey online. Questions from the public survey cover topics such as how often citizens use the library’s services, positives and negatives of the library, and how the system could improve.