Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Putnam Landfill Expansion Could Extend Use 8-9 Years

The 45-day public comment period for the Putnam County Demolition Landfill expansion in Baxter ended Monday.

Solid Waste Director Doug Ashburn said this is a standard expansion providing 15 or more acres to the location. Ashburn said the vertical expansion will allow eight to nine more years of usage.

“We’ve got one more cell across the road and with the vertical expansion that gives us quite a bit of space,” Ashburn said. “It all depends on the amount of new citizens moving to Putnam County, so we we’re trying to prepare for that.”

Ashburn said the vertical expansion goes on top of a closed or scheduled to be closed site to extend the life span. He said the goal is to have the expansion in use by late summer or earlier.

“You have to get a major modification through the state permit process,” Ashburn said. “Then once it’s all approved and they sign off on it and then it would be just as a regular cell in the landfill.”

Ashburn said the expansion was needed for both an expanding population in the county and the site approaching the end of its lifespan. He said there is still a landfill cell available for future use.

The Putnam County Demolition Landfill is located at 11089 Boat Dock Road in Baxter.