Saturday, May 15, 2021
Happening Now

Putnam Homeowner Shredding Mortgage Note After Paying Off Habitat Home

Putnam County resident Rhonda Wester will shred her mortgage note Friday after paying off her UC Habitat for Humanity home.

Executive Director Pam Ealey said this is an exciting time for everyone, as Wester pays off her home in 20 years. Ealey said the time between construction and repayment is her favorite part of making someone a homeowner.

“Being able to see these families grow, the children graduate and go onto better things,” Ealey said. “The families get, maybe better jobs, careers and grow. That’s what I like best is seeing that 20-25 year progress of these families.”

Ealey said everyone is welcome to join the celebration at noon on Friday in front of CRMC’s North Tower. Ealey said that the hospital is the location of this event because they sponsored the home and were in charge of construction in 2001.

“Back then I was just starting to get involved with Habitat,” Ealey said. “Back then the sponsor actually took over the construction. We oversaw it some but we didn’t have a full time construction director like we do today.”

Ealey said that UC Habitat for Humanity strives to be able to provide affordable mortgages, in ways a typical lender might not be able to. She said when homeowners are paying on their mortgage, it creates new opportunities.

“We hold the mortgage, so their mortgage payments continue to help build homes,” Ealey said. “So when you donate toward a house, say you gave $1,000 to help build one of our homes, you can know that then that home comes back to us and helps build more homes.”

Wester’s home was the 18th Putnam County home built by UC Habitat for Humanity. Ealey said that anyone interested in getting involved should reach out to the office and set up a time to meet.