Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Putnam County Changes ‘Executive’ Title To ‘Mayor’

Putnam County’s Randy Porter will now officially be known as ‘county mayor.’

The change comes after the county’s planning committee voted earlier this year to approve the change from ‘county executive’.

Porter explained the process of how the title was changed during the county commission’s meeting Monday.

“We got the private act back from the secretary of state. It was passed [along] by Senator (Paul) Bailey and Representative (Ryan) Williams to the legislature and signed by the governor,” Porter said. “As part of the ratification process, (commissioners) have to pass it before it goes into law.”

Commissioners voted in favor of the motion 22-0 with two being absent from the meeting. The change only affects Porter’s title and does not impact any of his elected duties.

The State of Tennessee passed the Private Act in the early 2000s officially designating the position as a county ‘mayor,’ but Putnam County declined to adhere to the Act at the time.