Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Receives Accreditation

For the first time ever the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has received accreditation through the Tennessee law Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA).

Sheriff Eddie Farris said being accredited means the office will be required to abide and adhere to a certain set of state and national policies and principles.

“Accreditation is a great achievement for our office. It is an honor to be counted among the agencies who have achieved accreditation status,” Farris said. “The deputies of the sheriff’s office deserve all the credit. We work very hard to provide Putnam County with the level of service that our citizens deserve, and their sheriff’s office is held to the same standards and complies with the same policies as larger agencies with more resources. The policies are not only in place, but we are following them.”

When Farris took office one of his main goals was to get the office accredited through the TLEA.

Only two other sheriff’s offices statewide are officially accredited by through TLEA.

“Our county is a wonderful place to live, and as it grows, we want to maintain and in some ways even improve the way that we care for and serve the people who live here. That’s why we are looking ahead to the future. We want to be prepared to serve a larger population in the most effective and just manner possible,” Farris said.